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Lily Fairy

Lily Fairy

Green Tea

5 ball

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Folding Artistic Tea in China is considered an art. Even experienced artists in this process can collapse only a few bullets in an hour
In China, tea drinking and brewing have been promoted to the rank of art. One of the most exquisite works of art and also a valued rarity is the Artistic Tea. This unique tea are given up to special guests, showing them the respect. For more than a thousand years in China, tea ceremony for the continuous striving for the harmony of bodyof soul and . Philosophy, which teaches how doing good, carry yourself, it is "chado" - the way of tea. You will feel its magic with Artistic Tea!

Method of making
The correct way to brew tea Artistic Tea is very important because it allows you to enjoy the beauties of the extraordinary works of the masters of tea. Liter jug into the glass, insert a tea ball, pour water at a temperature of about 176 ° F, and let it steep for 7 minutes. During this time together with family or friends, we can observe how the leaf after leaf, petal after petal open up and show us the flower in all its glory. Nature once again humbled by this amazing phenomenon - with small ball grows beautiful colorful floral composition that gradually releases the tea its beneficial components. How much green tea so that we can brew again, to give even more subtle taste

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