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Tea Preparation / 6 Golden TeeregelnNo hay productos

Tea Preparation / 6 Golden Teeregeln
1.Only teas, such as the use of the house - they are guaranteed made from high quality teas. Your advantage: High Yield - consistently good taste.
2.Basically, fresh, cold water to a boil. Black tea as well as herbal and fruit teas should be brewed with absolutely bubbling boiling water.
3.Hard, chlorinated water in an open kettle boil for 1-2 minutes, because then evaporate chlorine and other chemical constituents and the hardness of water deposited as limestone. In very poor water quality and high quality requirements, you should better to take a "still water".
4.The teapot or the portion Preheat pot with hot water as possible.
5.Just like coffee tea taste only when it is vigorously prepared. So give a portion rather more in the pot. Serve with candy sugar or sweetener to tea and milk or cream does not canned milk (). These ingredients round out the flavor.
6.If you just let the tea, it stimulates the central nervous system, he prefers longer (about 5 minutes), he has a calming effect on stomach and intestine.
Talk to your guests about their wishes. You will appreciate your expertise.
A decisive factor for the taste of tea is critical to product quality and the perfect preparation and the proper water quality. Here are the main criteria for optimum kettle:
1.No oxidant in the water (chlorine)
2.Organic ingredients (doc. ..) must be reduced to a minimum
3.The total hardness should be low (

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